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HP UCMDB Model And Views

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HP UCMDB Model And Views

Dear Experts,

Please let me know the difference between a Model and a View in HP UCMDB?

What is the need to create a model?

How a model is related to perspective view?



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Tomer Eckhous
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Re: HP UCMDB Model And Views

model is the new concept, it like an evolution within BAC, the way you define views.

Instead of building a view which was instance or pattern you define now your IT model which can include everything you got.

Later with perspectives you can filter certain elements with the view and you can create a sub view from your model at any time.

Just to make things easy think that a view = model + perspective.

You can use the default perspectives or you can define your own, you can ask to show only BPM data on a model that got both bpm and sis data.

Go over the modeling pdf under BAC 8, it will clear the issue for you.