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HP UCMDB Aging Mechanism

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HP UCMDB Aging Mechanism


Under CI Life cycle Tab, we have disable the aging. But under some discovery Patterns , Enable Aging Option is checked.

One More option I found under Discovery Pattern i.e Automatic Delete the Removed CIs. What is the use of this option?

In our case, Aging is disabled under CI LifeCycle Tab. But for some job discovery patterns it is enabled with the option Automatic delete the removed Cis as unchecked.

Want to confirm whether in this case Aging is going to delete our CIs or not.



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Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: HP UCMDB Aging Mechanism

Quote from DDM guide:

During discovery, the DDM Probe compares CIs found during the previous,
successful invocation with those found during the current invocation. A
missing component, such as a disk or software, is assumed to have been
removed from the system, and its CI is deleted from the Probeâ s database.
The DDM Probe does not wait for the aging mechanism to perform the
calculation but immediately sends a deletion request to the server.

You can define that CI instances are to be deleted for specific jobs by selecting the "Automatically delete removed CIs" check box.