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HACMP 6.1 discovery

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HACMP 6.1 discovery



Our "HACMP Topology Discovery" job fails to create any IBM HACMP CIs, although it does create several Composition, Containment, LogicalVolume, Physical Volume and Volume Group CIs. We have confirmed that the hosts participating in the cluster are properly discovered.


The version we are dealing with is power HA/HACMP 6.1 SP12 running on AIX 6.1. Is this discoverable? In the "IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) Discovery" documentation it is mentioned that "This discovery supports HACMP 5.4 on AIX 5.3." It is also mentioned that we should "Load the Storage Topology add-on package prior to deployment of the HACMP package." We have content pack 10.01.487 installed with the Storage_Basic package. May we be missing something here?


Thank you in advance