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Getting Error in HP\ucmdb\dataflowprobe\runtime\jobstatuses

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Getting Error in HP\ucmdb\dataflowprobe\runtime\jobstatuses

Hi experts,


I am getting the error inHP\ucmdb\dataflowprobe\runtime\jobstatuses when I open the latest HTML page for current date that states "Error Occurred trying to generate html tasks:com.hp.ucmdb.discovery.probe.agents.probemgr.jobsmgr.exceptions.jobdoesnotexistException: Discovery (Job Name placed here) was not found"


This job I have deleted but not sure what to do in order to get the job status back to working.

Also when I click on the Data Flow Probe Status in the UCMDB Server and click on the Probe to get the status of the jobs/ scheduled jobs it also throws error and does not display the jobs as it used to be.


My question is that there must be some service in the JMX console in order to manually delete or remove the job which is some how struck some where.


Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


I am running ucmdb 10.01 with Cup 7



M. Shakeel