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Get all attributes of a CI instance

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Get all attributes of a CI instance

I used the Web Service getCIsById method. According to the documentation, following request should return me what I want:





But I got error:
No enum const class com.hp.schemas.ucmdb.types.props.SimpleTypedPredefinedProperty$Name.DERIVED

If I substitute DERIVED with CONCRETE, the execution will succeed. I don't understand how the DERIVED keyword could be missing.

If DERIVED is not supposed to be used. What I can do to get full set of a CI attribute values, include attributes inherited from all of its parent classes?

I used uCMDB 9.0 fundation installation.

Any help is appreciated.



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Amit Erental
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Re: Get all attributes of a CI instance


You need to distinguish between:

SimpleTypedPredefinedProperties,which support "NAMING" and "CONCRETE", and need to be used to apply a different set of properties to each CIT

SimplePredefinedProperty, which support "NAMING", "CONCRETE" and "DERIVED"

I guess one solution for your issue is to query the class model for the class attributes, using getCmdbClassDefinition method (see exmaple for this on help), and then invoke the operation with proeprtiesList.

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Re: Get all attributes of a CI instance

Hi Amit,
I don't see the get by ID method accept SimplePredefinedProperty, so don't see how DERIVED can be used.

I already thought about using the methods you mentioned for the problem. I reason I didn't use it was because it only return attributes from one class at a time, wondered if there was a simple way to do it.

Anyway, you helped me out by leting me know there is no better way to handle this. Thanks for you help!
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Re: Get all attributes of a CI instance

See above.