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Federation between uCMDB and a database external source

Stefano Ferri
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Federation between uCMDB and a database external source


We have a problem with Generic DB Adpater for the federation.
We have this scenario:

1- A CIT with name logical_application with the CI data stored in uCMDB
2- A CIT with name person federated on a external database source

We want to create a link of type owner between person and logical_application (so person --> owner --> application), the common attribute is sg_bt (a custom attribute) for logical_application and identification_key for person.

We have configured the adapter for federate person on external source and this configuration works correctly, but we have problem when We try to relate the CITs.
We have configured the orm file as followed:

see attachment

This file works (for relate data) only if we use federation for logical_application too. We don't want to replicate data, so, Is there a method (or configuration) to make the relation possible using logical_application as CIT on ucmdb and person as federated data?

We have read the documentation about generic db adapter in reconciliation_rules.txt section, but there aren't specific information about this configuration.
We want a simply relation with attributes reconciliation:

logical_application (data in ucmdb) --> sg_bt = person (data on external source) --> identification_key

Thank You for support.

Best regards,
Stefano FERRI



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Stefano Ferri
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Federation between uCMDB and a database external source


in attachment the right orm.xml .

Thank you,