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Extending SIM integration with additional attributes (ROMVersion)

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Extending SIM integration with additional attributes (ROMVersion)

Hi all,

I am currently working on extending the SIM Integration with additional attributes. More specifically we are interested in having the ROM Version in the uCMDB.

As far as i know one should add a target_attribute mapping to whatever target_ci_type should get this attribute. The question is what format but something like this.


    <target_attribute name="bios_version" datatype="StrProp" >

     <map type="direct" source_attribute="ROMVersion" />


The documentation mentions a difference between extended and non-extended attributes. Looking at the remoteprocess.log after running the integration (debuglevel 3) I see a set of attributes (larger set than defined in mapping xml) that is retrieved but ROMVersion isn't part of it. My assumption is that this set contains all non-extended attributes and in addition the attributes (and CIs like CIM_Processor) defined in the mapping xml.

And indeed adding Node.ROMVersion results in nothing (none of the Node.X attrs seems to be explicitly retrived in the script). However adding a target_attribute with source_attribute="DB_deviceInfoEx.ROMVersion" (the location of the ROMVersion column in SIM DB) always retrieves value <None>. The generated SQL in SIM report gets the data from R_Inventory view and this results in value <None> too.

Is there a way to add extend attributes (under the assumption this is an extended attribute) to an existing CI type mapping? Or should this data be retrieved from a source_ci_type (where are SIM CI types defined anyway) different than Node?

Kind Regards

Dirk-Jan Hoppenbrouwer

Dima Gomel
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Re: Extending SIM integration with additional attributes (ROMVersion)

I think you're right. Mapping without retreiving the actual data won't help.

From official side, you're welcome to request ER for extending SIM integration with ROMVersion.

You'll need to raise the case with support for it.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: Extending SIM integration with additional attributes (ROMVersion)

Hi, yes I will go the ER route too.

However i reckon adding an attribute to an existing CI mapping isn't that difficult, if i only knew how :P



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event