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Export from uCMDB System Type Manager

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Export from uCMDB System Type Manager

hi all


i am currently working on a new custom ci type on a ucmdb test environment. this custom ci type will have a lot of custom attributes with all kind of enums. so there is quite some customization which has to be introduced to the system type manager.

now at a certain point i will have to migrate this from the test environment to the production environment and have the same attributes and enums in system type manager on prod. the obvious question is now. if there is a way to export and import this information from system type manager. i have not been able to find anything related to this in the help and in the UI itself. also i tried to search in the JMX console wihtout any success.


any suggestions?


thanks and best regards

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Re: Export from uCMDB System Type Manager

Try with package manager (administration/package manager). 

Create new package and in resources selection go to Settings/Type Definitions. 
Your enums will be listed there. 

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Re: Export from uCMDB System Type Manager

thank you very much. this worked like a charm.


thanks for your help

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event