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Export CIs to retrieve later

Mahmoud Al-Abgy
Senior Member

Export CIs to retrieve later

Hi experts,
Is there a way in UCMDB to export a certain subset of CIs with their attributes then delete them and import them later with the attribute values.



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Rajasekhar Gund
Honored Contributor

Re: Export CIs to retrieve later

Hi Mahmoud,

This not supported as it will be breaking the relationships because of lost integrity.



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Amit Erental
Honored Contributor

Re: Export CIs to retrieve later

Hi Mahmoud

Not sure what is the flow you are trying to achieve here. if you can provide more details it will be great. and UCMDB version

Generally, with the UCMDB API you can get data for all the CIs , with their attributes, delete CIs, and add CIs and relationships.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event