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Discrepancies in UCMDB Discovery

Regular Collector

Discrepancies in UCMDB Discovery

I see that there are lot of discrepancies in my UCMDB discovery.
* No model information for few Servers discovered
* Incorrect model information for few servers which is discovered
* UCMDB showing wrong serial numbers for all of BLADE servers. (You can see UCMDB is pulling out duplicate serials. Perhaps it is taking the blade enclosure serial numbers instead?)
* Wrong Operating system version pulled by UCMDB discovery.

Did anybody had same issues in ucmdb 7.5, if soo, any solution to get it fixed.
I am using UCMDB 7.5 right now, we will be upgrading it to 8.x version soon.

Thanks in advance.



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Alexander Arkhi
Honored Contributor

Re: Discrepancies in UCMDB Discovery


I would suggest to upgrade to UCMDB 8.x (or even 9.x) and latest DDM Content Pack, as lots of discovery issues are being addressed each DDM CP version.

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