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Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "

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Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "


Am a new-bie to UCMDB and in the process of performing a discovery based on "Class C IPs by ICMP" under the network Discovery ,Advanced mode.


My Query:

1. Do I need to define a Class C Ip Range in the Data Flow Probe Setup in order to enable the above discovery?

2 .What if I don't have a class C IP Range in my environment?Is it still possible to achieve my requirement?


Also I find that the  "Class C IPs by ICMP" discovery job suggests :

Input CI type : IpSubnet 

Required Protocols : None


Can you please suggest how to move forward in making the desired discovery possible?

Thanks in advance.





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Sujith Kumar C.
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Re: Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "

You need to input the IP range and run the job for ICMP through discovery control panel. There should be an OOTB discovery job for Class C IP discovery



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Re: Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "

Thanks for your reply Sujith:)!!

I can understand to perform task by ICMP..But what about Class C IPs by ICMP???

But what if I dont have any OOTB IP that belong to Class C Range?Can't I perform the required discovery?


Also,Can you brief about the Class C subnet that can be used?




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Re: Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "

If you don't have class C IP's in your environment then why do you want to run this job?

Instead use "Range IPs by ICMP" Job to discover these IPs.


Class A to

Class B to

Class C192.0.1.1 to


Make sure the IPs you are trying to discover are entered in DFM Probe via "DFM>DFP Setup>Credentials"

Start by adding 1 IP adress and discover it, once you are comfortable with the discovery then enter a range.

Hope this helps:)


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Re: Discovery using "Class C IPs by ICMP "

Thanks for ur input Puneet!!..But guess I was working on possibilities of tracking the "Class C IP's by ICMP" if the environment doesn't support.Any chances if so....




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event