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Discovery job data reconciliation rules

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Discovery job data reconciliation rules

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When working with zone-based discovery, you wind up with a varied collection of hardware being discovered by the activities for the zone.  Some hardware can use scanner-based discovery jobs, some can't.  As such, you wind up having to enable both scanner-based inventory activities and script-based inventory activities in the same zone in order to get everything from all the devices.

So what happens when your script-based inventory jobs return different data for the same CI than your scanner-based jobs?  I'm running into a situation where one job is returning an attribute value of 'Local hard disk' while the other is returning 'FixedDisk' and Configuration Manager is constantly flagging the changes.

Sure, I could configure auto state transition in CM, but it still results in a constant update of the snapshots and change history.  Where can I adjust the reconciliation rules within UCMDB to simply pick one job's value over the other in the first place?  Can this be done?  Or do I have to split my Management Zones to make sure I don't ever run both scanner-based and script-based inventory activities in the same zone?