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Data in File_System_1 view in HPUD db

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Data in File_System_1 view in HPUD db

I am working on a customization request for a customer. I don't have access to HPUD console and CMDB database. I need the following details for working on that customization, 


1) Which views should be used to extract information about softwares ? Currently I am using INSTALLED_SOFTWARES_1, RUNNING_SOFTWARES_1 to fetch the data. Does FILE_SYSTEM_1 view also contains software/executable files information ?


2) Can I join HOST_NODE_1 and FILE_SYSTEM_1 view using CMDB_ID assuming that FILE_SYSTEM_1 view contains information about files collected from all hosts by discovery tool ?


3) What is the significance of ROOT_1 view ?


Kindly provide inputs to the above questions.