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Data import from mysql to ucmdb


Data import from mysql to ucmdb



                 We have developed our own software to discover infrastructure elements(system, IP, DB, switches..). These discovered data is getting stored in Mysql database.


Now we would like to import the data stored in Mysql to uCMDB..


If you can help me on below points, then it will be really helpful.

1.       After searching in HP forum/Support contact, I found either  we need to develop a adapter or use integration point. Please let me know the difference between integration point and adapter development.

2.       Do we have any out of box adapter available which can import data from Mysql to uCMDB

3.       If we need develop a new adapter, let me know the skills required to develop the adapter. What should be approach to develop an adapter development.

4.       Please share the documents related to import from Mysql to uCMDB


Thanks & Regards