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Data Population in UCMDB 9.0 (imp)

SAS Saturn
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Data Population in UCMDB 9.0 (imp)

Hello All,

I was able to create an Integration point between two instances of UCMDB 9.0 and would like populate data from one data source to another.

For the data population jobs, we have only a few OOB queries that can be used.

Here, how can we add a new "Integration Query" based on our requirement and then use this query to get the required data?

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Data Population in UCMDB 9.0 (imp)


Create a Query of type integration based on your requirement on the other uCMDB 9.0 (the uCMDB from which you need the data to be federated) Query manager. Add the job to the integration point and run the job.