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Data Import in UCMDB 7.5

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Data Import in UCMDB 7.5

Is there any option to import data in UCMDB 7.5 version, if yes, how do i do it?
We want to import data from the SQL database to UCMDB, so how it can be done with uCMDB 7.5 version?
Please help.



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Amit Erental
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Import in UCMDB 7.5


Yes its possible, you need to use Federated CMDB + replication , with the database adapter

its all documented in the Model Management help/pdf, you can get it here:


Start with page 437 for an overview on the Federated + replication.

You also have many related info in this forum, use the search option to get there, for example:

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event