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Data Flow Probe Sizing

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Alberto De La C
New Member.

Data Flow Probe Sizing



Anybody knows what is the discovery capacity of a Data Flow Probe?


I mean, taking in consideration the recommended hardware in the documentation, how many discovery operations can perform? or how many CIs is able to manage (new/update CIs)


When should we add a new probe to a discovery environment if we don't need to add it due to a different domains scenario?



Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: Data Flow Probe Sizing

Hi Alberto,

The discovery capacity is depends on many factors such as numbers and type of dicovery jobs running, network and destination performance, IT topologie etc.

To provide a ballpark figure, the best practicies are not use one probe to discover more than 5000 IPs.


There is no limit on discovery operation or amount of CIs. Amount of data you're discovering will affect dicovery cycle duration.


Hope this helps

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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