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DDMi and iLO on ProLiant servers

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DDMi and iLO on ProLiant servers



I have a little question - after scanning subnet with ProLiant servers, DDMi found iLO IP's as additional interface for respective server, but not for all servers. In some servers it not found iLO interface - they are represented as standalone "Unmanaged device: HP Workstation".


Also in some servers after found iLO they make it "primary" interface for scanning, eg log:


2010-11-17 09:40 Installing on (workgroup="") using RPC.
Using <...>
No network provider accepted the given network path.

2010-11-13 07:52 Installing on (workgroup="") using RPC.
Successfully connected to "ADMIN$" .
The agent service "prgnDiscAgent" is already installed on the destination computer.


It is seen that after finding the iLO, DDMi later uses it to scan server/deploy agent ( - iLO of server


Scan type - agent, SNMP enabled on all servers.

How to fix this?

Brindusa Kevorkian
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Re: DDMi and iLO on ProLiant servers



First of all, what version of DDMI are you running?


Please note DDMI 7.70 has added quite a few improvements for iLO Support. I pasted below the relevant information from the DDMI 7.70 Release Notes:


iLO support
DDM Inventory 7.70 provides the ability to identify and associate Remote Management Interface Cards (iLO) with the servers they manage. In this release, DDM Inventory can perform the following actions:
• Associating an iLO card with the DDM Inventory server and displaying the iLO information (such as the iLO icon, the iLO IP address, and the port information) in the Device Manager.
• Using the other IP address assigned to the iLO card for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), agent, or virtualization unless it is the last possible solution for SNMP management.
• Added a report for the iLO card vendor and the iLO card type (such as HP iLO, HP iLO 2, or LO100). To view the iLO card report, go to Server > Reports > Remote Management Cards.




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Re: DDMi and iLO on ProLiant servers

Thanks, Brindusa.


I currently use version 7.6 Changelog looks like what I need.

Tell me pls, how I can recive the update to 7.7?

This is the first version from I begin to use DDMi.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event