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DDMA Discovery Job Shcedule

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DDMA Discovery Job Shcedule

Hello Experts,

We are using UCMDB/DDMA 8.04 on a windows server 2003 SP2 platform.

We have around 30 subnets in our environment.
What are the best practices to deploy the probes and how many probes do we need to deploy to discover all the hosts in our environment?

In addition is it possible to schedule the discovery to run by subnet? In another wording how can we run the discovery on each subnet aside?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: DDMA Discovery Job Shcedule

Hi Zouha
Deploying probe is about your environment. it is abot How many servers, databases,applications... will disvers by your probe ,how many CIs will come with discover.

You can jschedule obs with subnets. You can creat new trigger tqls for each job. And put the tql's IP attiribute what subnet do you want to discover.