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DDM Probe error

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DDM Probe error

When I am runnign DDM probe i am getting error in command line as
jvm 1 | <2009-03-26 13:07:07,171> [WARN ] [JobExecuterThread] (JobExecuter.java:1734) - Domain scope document is not available, yet (no Discovery jobs will be run)

and also the discovery is not showing up in the cmdb when i login.

Why is it happening.
i gave the correct application server address.



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Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: DDM Probe error

>>discovery is not showing up in the cmdb when i login

Do you have a DDM license to do discovery? It won't work if you have only basic (foundation) license.
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Re: DDM Probe error

I have the DDM license
Manoj Saxena
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Re: DDM Probe error

Do you see the Discovery Manager tab when logged into DDM application. Did you also create the SEED network along with storing all the credentials for all the protocols you are trying to run discovery on.

Can you attach the screen shot of the application GUI displaying what all you see when you are logged in the DDM application.

Yossi Zaaroor
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Re: DDM Probe error

first thing... check you can access the discovery tab in admin-->ucmdb

then define the domain scope (ip ranges).

once you do that, you can start the discovery.

Also, the license you need is not the 'Auto discovery' license shown in BAC license information.

you need the standard/advanced ucmdb .xml license file.
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Re: DDM Probe error

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event