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DDM Agent Error

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Regular Collector

DDM Agent Error

I just installed DDM 8.0 agent.
As soon as I started the agent, I got an error.

[JobExecuterThread] (SymmetricCipherTool.java:177) - Failed decrypting

Any idea what is the cause of this error?

Pieter M



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Alexander Arkhi
Honored Contributor

Re: DDM Agent Error

It seems that you installed DDM 8.0 while UCMDB (or BAC) is of another version (e.g. 8.01).

Please make sure that your uCMDB/BAC and DDM Probe are of *equal* versions.
Regular Collector

Re: DDM Agent Error

Yeah. I just installed DDM 8.0 on BAC 8.01.

Pieter M
Super Collector

Re: DDM Agent Error

I also started receiving this error message in the DDM probe-error.log.

It appears to have started after I applied the BAC 8.01 patch.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event