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Configure uCMDB Browser


Configure uCMDB Browser

We use uCMDB Browser 4.0. We would like to know if we can configure the browser in a way that the user's don't see the Reports and "Assist Modeling" section. We learned that we can configure th displayed widgets using the uCMDB Browser Settings Section in the Administration Module of uCMDB, but not the wanted config possibility.

It would also be nice to be able to restrict the users to "simple search"? Is that possible?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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Re: Configure uCMDB Browser



some Browser functionalities can be restricted from uCMDB UI security tab, so the roles assigned to those users will have only the Browser permission that you would like.


Admin role would see everything in Browser and regular user role will see what was permitted from uCMDB UI security -> Roles Manager. PLease consult UCMDB Browser widgets and Browser CI Access Control sections.


Kind regards,


Kind regards,
Bogdan Mureșan

EMEA Backline UCMDB Support
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