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Chaning CIs Attributes from an outside form


Chaning CIs Attributes from an outside form

Hi All,


We are creating a solution which will display locations of nodes in the data center, and their place in the rack (cabinet). e.g:  node named "ProdApp" is located in "Chicago" Data Center, in cabinet D3 in U3-4.

We're using the "import from excel" discovery, in order to receive the information, and we plan on creating an outer form that will be available to the user from the right-click menu, choosing the cabinet.

Means, if the user choose the D3 cabinet, right-click it, and choose the "Show the RAC", an IE will open showing a visual demonstration of the cabinet and it's content (Nodes, Switches, Terminal, etc.).


Our need is as follows:

we're seeking for a way to make an input to the CMDB back from this form, so if the user change the location of a server in this form, it's "location" attribute will get the new value.


Please advise,



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Re: Chaning CIs Attributes from an outside form

Me thinks you could fix this by using an XMLHTTP based solution whereby you'd fire a SOAP request back to the uCMDB server's webservice. You'd have to test this on the server's WSDL first, but I think that ought to work. Another option would be to set up an external database and have uCMDB federate the location attribute (using the Integration Studio) for the hosts. Just an idea.