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Change the CI name in uCMDB

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Change the CI name in uCMDB

Hi All,


We have created Business application CI manually in modeling studio. Relationship to its server and database has been established. These complete data has been pushed to HP SM using SM adapters. Now we have a ad-hoc request to change few of the business service CI names. We did change the CI name in uCMDB and when we try to push the application CI to HP SM its not reflecting the changes in HP SM. Global id of these CI's are same in UCMDB and HP SM.


in short

 "A" is the business service CI in both uCMDB and in HPSM

Need to change the name from "A" to "B" in uCMDB and push the CI "B" to hp sm so that it will overwrite the existing "A" ci in HPSM to "B".


Is it possible to achieve this.?






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