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Can't find "Import from CSV" adapter

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Can't find "Import from CSV" adapter


I'm currently trying to import some data from a CSV file, so I'm trying to follow the documentation "Discovery and Integration Content Guide - Integrations".

I have created the mapping, but unfortunately when I create a new integration point, I can't find the "Import from CSV" adapter (meanwhile the adapter "Import topology from CSV file" exists). I think that I'm missing something here. Can you please help me in finding what I have missed?

FYI, I'm using uCMDB 10.20.480 with Content Pack Universal Discovery 15.00.123 including the standard license and "Automated service modeling" license.

Thank you all for your help.


Re: Can't find "Import from CSV" adapter

For us it shows under External Source Import/Export.

We're on 10.22.196    Content Pack 18.00.74


Edit:  for what its worth, if you can import from csv then you can probably import from xls. I'd recommend going that route, it is infinitely easier and doesn't require a map. just name the tabs according to the class you want to update and column headers according to the field names (not display names).

We just went through this and xls import saved us a lot of time and effort.