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Can't access to uCMDB URL

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Can't access to uCMDB URL



I have installed uCMDB 9 on my machine. I start the uCMDB server and check its status (http://localhost:8080/status), after some time every component is "UP" and status "Starting", except for "content-install (not started) and packaging (starting).

The server status keeps refreshing, but never comes to the point to set these two particular items on "UP". How long is this intented to work? is there any way I could check if this is hang? I tried restarting the service with the same results.


Another thing I face is that I can access to the web console (http://localhost:8080/web-console), but I can't access to the ucmdb url (http://localhost:8080/ucmdb), I am always facing an HTTP Error 500 message (screenshot attached).


Possibly this occurs due the server status still on "starting"?


Also what is the difference between the standard UCMDB and Probe?


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Re: Can't access to uCMDB URL

I resolved the issue, it just needed time to startup and now can connect to uCMDB successfully.

Still I am interested to know what the Probe is for, is this needed to integrate uCMDB with ServiceManager, for instance?