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CUMDB 7.52-3\8.0 -> SM 7 API Integration

Sergey Poshevko
Respected Contributor.

CUMDB 7.52-3\8.0 -> SM 7 API Integration


When UCMDB 8.0 had been published HP announced the fully Web-API based integration between UCMDB 7.52\8.0 and Service Manager.

Does somebody know is there any documentation with description of it exist?

Can it work in the following way: from UCMDB to Service Manager with populating Service Manager Database with CI’s and relations from UCMDB (by using only UCMDB Standard License)?

Did somebody tried this already?

Sergey V. Poshevko



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Dmitry Shevchenko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: CUMDB 7.52-3\8.0 -> SM 7 API Integration

This integration (uCMDB to SM) does exist and works but you have to have SM 7.10 (not SM 7.0x). Details can be found in "HP Universal CMDB to HP Service Manager Integration Guide" - part of SM 7.10 documentation.