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CMDB 8 integration with NNMi 9

Asaf Valadarsky
Super Contributor.

CMDB 8 integration with NNMi 9

Hi all,


We integrated BSM 8.05 with NNMi 9, but there are a few problems that occurred:

1. Not all of the hosts were received from NNM (I ran "Update NNM Ids" before "Layer 2" discovery).

2. Not all network interfaces have a parent host, in fact most of them dont have a related host. For example when creating a view with:        Network interface(Created by NNM) --->(1)   Network Interface(not Created by NNM) <--- Host

[ (1) - Join relation ship where display label equals display label ]

We can see that there are more then 200 hosts present in the view (also the network interface created by the NNM are connected to a switch).


What could be the cause of this?

This happens for both virtual/non-virtual interfaces.


Thanks in advance,