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CIs missed after uCMDB upgrade 10.01 -> 10.22

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CIs missed after uCMDB upgrade 10.01 -> 10.22

Hi all!

I had uCMDB 10.01 with about 27k CIs of different types:
- Business Element
- Infrastructure Element (Node, NetworkEntitym Node Element, Running Software).
This CIs were discovered by Universal Discovery.

Then, I've made upgrade of my uCMDB to 10.22 version, and only 900 CIs left in uCMDB (all Business Element CIs and some Nodes(not all of them)).

So, the question is:

Is it a normal situation for uCMDB after upgrade to lost CIs, discovered in previous version and I should re-run discovery after upgrade?

Does anybody know how to save all CIs after uCMDB upgrade?

What is the best practice for this situation?


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Re: CIs missed after uCMDB upgrade 10.01 -> 10.22

I always expected to lose something during the upgrade process, I usually run the model consistency and aging tool right before a new upgrade so there are always Cis getting deleted.

However, I don't think it's normal to lose THAT many Cis. I'd advise you to go through your upgrade steps and see if there are any errors that might cause this, from past experience, upgrade from 10.01 to later wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. 

Your discovery should already be kicked off after upgrade due to probe version, new probe will download jobs again and attempt to run them, so it depends on what sort of schedule/windows you've set for them.

I would also check if any of the attached discovery CIs to BusinessElements are still there. If they dropped off, you will have add them back.

Really depends on what is more efficient, I'd say your environment is fairly small so it might be easier to just add them back.