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Adding credentials to discovery activity

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Adding credentials to discovery activity

Hey all.  I'm running v10.20 in a dev environment and I'm just trying to get a handle on how all the moving parts of uCMDB/UD are fitting together.  I have a ton of questions I'm trying to figure out answers for, but I have one in particular that I can't seem to crack on my own.

When I set up a new Infrastructure Discovery activity, and I include both the Shell and WMI credentials at the beginning, the Host Connection by Shell and Host Connection by WMI jobs both run properly and I get all the CIs I expect.  However, if I first include only the Shell credentials and run a discovery, then later add the WMI credentials, the Host Connection by WMI job never runs.


I thought this might have to do with the Periodic data flow task update settings in Administration, but playing with those settings hasn't had any effect.  I even tried the JMX Console API function that forces that data flow task update (and saw the files get updated in the logs) but again, no change.


Am I missing something in the process to add credentials to a discovery activity in order to enable additional jobs?


Re: Adding credentials to discovery activity

Well, I figured it out eventually.


I was missing the little 'Edit Trigger Query' button on the activity's Activity Jobs tab.  I had found the 'Go To Adapter' button and looked at the Input Query for the adapter.  This was telling me that I had a number of IP Address CIs that should be triggering the job.  However, when I found the 'Edit Trigger Query' button, I realized the adapter's Input Query was not the same as the Trigger Query.  The Trigger Query was telling me that I had no IP Address CIs that met the criteria to trigger the job.


Apparently, HP has decided that, once the Host Connection by Shell job has successfully connected to a host, you shouldn't ever need to use the Host Connection by WMI job.  The Trigger Query for Host Connection by WMI explicitly states that it only triggers on IP Address CIs with no Shell CIs attached.


So, in the end, my answer was 'Product is working as designed'.  I'm just not sure why it was designed that way.

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