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Add a new relationship

Super Collector

Add a new relationship

Hi Experts,


I have concerened regading new relationship

Actually in my environment there is a model goes like this

business application -> Environment -> Host-> Database(oracle).

now there is a requirement that 

business application -> Environment ->Database(oracle).-> Host

but for this i have to chnge the relationship betwenn them .So my concern is that can we do this i mean hardware ( Host)layer over software layer(Database(oracle)).

I already made a view to check if it is feasi;ble or not but the result is nothing.

Can you please help me on this?

Super Collector

Re: Add a new relationship

There is a composition between these: Host-> Database(oracle)
Doesn't work the other way around. I suppose you could create an enrichment that adds an opposite direction 'dependency' between them, and also some link between environment and database (like membership maybe?).

It would be easier to advise if you could present some screenshot.

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Re: Add a new relationship

Thanks for the help 

But as i am novice  to ucmdb so don't much about it . As i have searched about the Enrichment rule new question arises whether it is temporary or permanent whether it will affect the existing query through which we can see the oracle devices as already in the system or it will provide the result that i want and what it impact over the existing environment?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event