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Unable to see Consumable option on Systinet 3.0

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Apoorve Mohale
Occasional Contributor

Unable to see Consumable option on Systinet 3.0

We are unable to find "Consumable" option while creating an Application or Service. Only Name, Description, Version and Alias are available on creating Services/Application. Because of this we are unable to create any consumption request as none of the services/applications are available for consumption. Is there a administrative setting which we need to take care of for making this field available?
Tomas Kulhanek
Regular Collector

Re: Unable to see Consumable option on Systinet 3.0


the Consumable field is available in "Service Publisher" perspective. If you're logged into Systinet 3.0, change the user perspective from "General" to "Service Publisher" at the top right corner of "change" list down.

See more details about user perspective in the documentation "Concepts Guide" -> User Perspectives.

You may also find useful to administer the perspective available for users, see details in "Administration Guide" -> "Administering SOA Systinet -> Profile Management -> Managing User Perspectives.


Tomas Kulhanek
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event