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API for simple search

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API for simple search


I would like to use the Systinet API to do simple searches based on the Service Name. I can see that through the UI I can go to Search->Services->Find Service(By Names)->Add Name->Find ( Home > Find service) and then search a service by name, without providing a serviceKey or businessKey.

I would like to do the same as above but through an API call from Java. Please let me know (or point to actual servlet/class that does the above in the UI) how I can do this using the Systinet API.

I have reviewed the examples but they all require either a serviceKey or businessKey+Catalog.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: API for simple search

Hi dacora.


I think you are able to do the search you need using.

RepositoryClient repositoryClient;


This Class have a method named

search, which parameters are artfactType, searchCriteria.


search(java.lang.String artifactType, java.util.List<Pair<java.lang.String,java.lang.String>> searchCriteria, java.lang.String orderBy, int first, int count)


for examplet if you are looking for XML service then artifactType will be xmlArtifact, the name must to be the same that the one used in model.


About searchCriteria as you can see is a List that contains Pair<String, String>, you can set in the first String the name of the attribute in which you want to based your search and in the other string the value that you try to match.




List<Pair<String, String>> searchCriteria = newArrayList<Pair<String,String>>();  

searchCriteria.add(new Pair<String,String>("_domainId","defaultDomain"));


First string or name or the attribute must be the same that the one used in model again.


Hope this help you.

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Re: API for simple search



Has anybody had a problem while using API to search for artifacts, and only getting the first 500 items? We have more than 500 services in our Systinet, and the API only provides the first 500...