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service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

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Bamais Han
Acclaimed Contributor

service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

Hi there,

I'm trying to test the HP VMWARE VI SPI 1.5 and running into lots of issues. Thanks to posts here I got answers to steps, so thanks, and keep it up! I have two questions:

1: what do I have to do to show the resource pools in the service map? I can't find this documented.

2: who supports the vMA? Do we have to go to VMware to get support for this portion of the HP VI SPI? Also, how is this vMA patched? anyone did this already? Does it follow standard RedHat patching processes? who supplies the patches?


Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

On your second question: The VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) is a prepackaged Linux virtual machine and is supported by Vmware.

More details here :

VMware provides vMA spedific patches.


Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

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Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

1: having the same issue, poor documentation, the User's Guide does not even mention the vMA.

2. Be careful with patching. The vMA needs an internet connection for patching. I just came across this information:
Offline patching is only available if you have an NDA with VMWare...
Bamais Han
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Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch


1. still no idea how to see all topology, not only VMs and ESXes.

2. got it, - will log VMware case about vMA patching. will see what they say.

it's reasonable that NDA to apply patches offline is required - seems like VMware has somehing nasty. just found out there are only two patches for vMA in 2009. compare to November 2009 RedHat's Errata stats - 10 times more ( ). hope support vMA is not their "best effort priority" , - it's not as popular as ESX or vCenter of course.

anyone did vMA patch with HP agent installed and SPI policies? I found - says update with HP agent running can kill ESX COS, wonder if vMA falls under it also.

do I need to remove the agent to patch vMA?
Drew Dimmick
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Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

First, for #1, I'm not sure what you're missing.. can you screenshot? and list your expectations?

for #2, not sure about the errata vs vma comparison - good question to ask vmware

Lastly, your comment about "hp agents" is out of context - the "Hp agents" are "Insight Manager Agents" - not "Operations Manager Agents" in the KB. In fact, the kb doesn't mention OM, SPI's or the like... as well they shouldn't - as the spi runs in the VMA and not the COS. And the COS and the VMA are completely different environments... so you can't assume that one thing in the COS equals the same in the VMA.

I do "Windows"
Bamais Han
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Re: service map in VMWARE VISPI & vMA patch

hi Drew,

1: when I added vCenter by vifp addserver on vMA, I get only its node in service map, but not full vCenter topolgy. I could see events coming from vCEnter, nothing more.. why? do I still need to add ESX-es directly?

something to illustrate:

vCenter - Cluster - Resource Pools

I could only see a tool to get text output on Resource Pool configuration so far, not in Service Map. we use DRS resource pools in production (VMware Enterprise License) and it would be great to see them through vCenter. tool didn't work for me in my lab either .

2: my fault, out of scope to ask here about vMA probably. I'll just roll update over vMA to see what happens to it with Ops and Perf agents and SPI during patching, will post here. hope it goes smooth.
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