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migration path from ovo 8.35 to OM 9.x /10.x

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migration path from ovo 8.35 to OM 9.x /10.x


we have a customer with and old version ovo OVO 8.35 on a Solaris 10 Server.

The customer has a lot of templates and as far as I know templates in OM 9.x  has been turn into policies. It is possible to download all OVO configuration and upload in the new 9.x server installation.

I'm asking for OM 9.x because I assume that OM 10.x have a lot of changes. What are the main differences between OM 9 and OMi 10.x? Would be possible a direct migration from OVO 8.35 to OM 10.10?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: migration path from ovo 8.35 to OM 9.x /10.x

Hi Marta,

Yes this is possible, we upgraded from Solaris 10 8.36 to RHEL 9.22. It was a bit painful and time consuming in terms of gathering all the correct information (message groups, node groups, assigned policies etc...) But once you have all the information it was relatively straight forward. We actually un-installed and re-installed Agents from scratch, which prob wasn't the best way but found that this worked for us in terms of having to different management servers running at each time.

The command we used to download the templates, copy them to new mgmt server and upload 

opctempl -list
opctempl -get
opctempl -add

Not sure about OM 10.x

Hope this helps and good luck.





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Re: migration path from ovo 8.35 to OM 9.x /10.x

Thank you very much graham. 

I'm not familiar with hp products and I'm not updated in products and versions supported. If I look for documentation of Operations Manager I  only find OMI 10.x docs.  Do you know if OM 9.x is still supported or where could I find information about supported versions?

Thanks for your help.

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