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ecs_comp problem in OMW 9.0

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ecs_comp problem in OMW 9.0

Hi All.


I have a problem with Correlations Composer.
Correlations Composer policy (server-side) didn't workes.

When I trying load the factstore file I get error:

ovocomposer -install -ms
(OVOC1012) List of Correlator stores in C:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\conf
0) empty.fs
1) demo.fs
2) SimpleMessageTextChange.fs
3) SuppressHttpStatus.fs
4) vCenter.fs
(OVOC1014) Enter numbers (comma separated) to select stores: 4
(OVOC1067) vCenter.fs selected
         (OVOC1027) Factstore installed successfully on the management server
Failed to load the factstore.
Failed to load circuit.
         (OVOC1063) Fact stores updated successfully on the management server



At the end of output ecsmgr -i 11 -info:

circuits enabled in stream - <none>
        Fact Stores (not associated with any circuit):
        Perl File loaded: C:/ProgramData/HP/HP BTO Software/shared//contrib/e

Full output - file ecs11.txt in attachement.



Output ecsmgr -i 12 -info looks normal (file ecs12.txt in attacement).



I tried:

1. remove all *.fs, exept default, and reboot server.

2. run ecsmgr -i 11 -reset and redeploy Correlations Composer policy.


That didn't help.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event