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Welcome to the Operations Center Community

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Welcome to the Operations Center Community

If you have found your way to this page, you probably know that HP Operations Center is our consolidated event and performance management solution. Customers using this solution minimize duplication of effort and speed the time to resolve IT problems by having all their events feed into a single platform. Recent discussions on this topic on our blog include virtualization management, automated incident remediation, and creating a consolidated operations bridge.


HP Operations Center includes HP Operations Manager (on Linux, Windows, and UNIX), HP Performance Manager, HP Operations Manager i, and all the data collection technologies (agents, Smart Plug-Ins or SPIs, and agentless probes) that feed information into those solutions.

By participating in this community, you will have access to the product marketing team along with all the product managers, and R&D engineers.

We all look forward to hearing your infrastructure management concerns and engaging in a healthy discussion.

For the HP Operations Center team, Peter Spielvogel.

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Re: Welcome to the Operations Center Community



I am working as a QA engineer in BTO Enablement. What i am looking for is the real real customer usecase for OMC suite of products.


  • Customer environment
  • which products they use from OMC suite and how these products are configured.
  • etc

From where can i get these kind of informations.


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Re: Welcome to the Operations Center Community

The HP Operations Manager 9.0.1 for Linux have some Bug in installations script a step for creation Database, i tried install with RedHat 5 AS x64 and Oracle 11G R1 and Oracle 11G R2 and same problem. With opcdbsetup tried create Tables but failed anywhere.