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SNMP Trap Monitoring in OMU 9

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SNMP Trap Monitoring in OMU 9

Hi All


We are in the process of migrating existing SNMP trap templates from OMU 8 server to OMU 9 server.

Since I am new to SNMP monitoring, can you please tell me what are the steps I need to do?


As far as I am aware, I hope following steps needs to be done,


1.   Download SNMP trap templates from OMU 8 server and upload it to OMU 9 server


2.   Deploy SNMP trap templates to the managed node(Host where SNMP traps would be sent from individual devices)


3.   Open ports 161 and 162 in managed node to allow SNMP traps


4.   Set the destination systems for SNMP devices on HP-UX and Solaris nodes in the /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf file with the

      following statement:



     I am not sure what "nodename" refers here, does it refer the individual devices from where SNMP traps would be generated or

     does it refer the managed node name which intercepts SNMP traps?


5.  Run the command on managed node,


     ovconfchg -ns eaagt -set SNMP_SESSION_MODE NO_TRAPDovconfchg -ns eaagt -set SNMP_SESSION_MODE



6.  Run the command on managed node,


     ovconfchg -ns eaagt -set SNMP_COMMUNITY <community>


If I had missed any steps, please let me know.

Norm Diederich
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Re: SNMP Trap Monitoring in OMU 9

Step 4: The <nodename> in the trap_dest line is the node where you will be receiving the SNMP Traps.


Steps 5 & 6: Apply to the node configured as the traps destination.


Assign the SNMP Trap policy to that node.


Then for all source nodes, make sure your selected node is configured as a trap destination. (currently your OMU 8 server with NNM will be configured as the trap destination)  Most of your traps are probably coming from network devices, not servers.


If your existing OMU/NNM server is going to be de-commissioned at the same time as the new server is brought on line, you could save some work by putting a new node at its IP address and using it as your trap receiver.






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Re: SNMP Trap Monitoring in OMU 9

Thanks, this has been configured. I followed steps 1 to 5 and then created SNMP devices as external nodes in OMU and traps are being received at the managed node and messages are being sent.