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SNMP-Interceptor Policy should calculate (var1 + 5)


SNMP-Interceptor Policy should calculate (var1 + 5)

Hello Guys,


We have several NNMi 9.x in our environment, NNMi forwards traps like this:

SNMP-Trap contains:

Raw SNMP-Variables (upper section)

NNMi Variables (down section)


The problem here is that the upper section sometimes contains 3 and for another trap 15 variables, but the amount of NNMi Variables is fix (29).

To get a specific value from NNMi I do not want to modify NNMi cause OMW is the single point of managing trap translations.


So my idea was to count the amount of variables within a trap <$#>, this will return for instance 39.

Expecting I would like to load var 20 of NNMi Variables I have to calc in the following way.

<$#> - 9 = result

So as result I will have the integer 30 and I would like to have <$30> in the message text.


Hopefully you can help me.


Re: SNMP-Interceptor Policy should calculate (var1 + 5)