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Reverse Channel Proxy (OMW)

Henry Y.
Super Contributor.

Reverse Channel Proxy (OMW)

I have a RCP configured and I am to get communications from the DMZ to the Mgmt server in the trusted zone.

Attempts to do opcragt fail with the following:
CTRL - CommunicationException:
(ctrl-21) Communication error when executing 'Status' method.
(bbc-422) HttpOutputRequestImpl::ReceiveResponse() caught OvXplNet::ConnectionR
(bbc-71) There is no server process active for address: https://ABC.HOST..
(OpC40-2172) Either the target RPC server (ovcd or ovconfd) on the node isn't
running, or (if an HTTP proxy is involved) the proxy might not be able
to contact the target node. "/opt/OV/bin/bbcutil -gettarget "
called on the OVO server tells whether a proxy is involved.

It doesn't seem like I can perform any actions back to the DMZ hosts from the trusted zone.
Henry Y.
Super Contributor.

Re: Reverse Channel Proxy (OMW)

Looks like i fixed the issue with a reverse admin channel. But the Mgmt server keeps complaining the certificate wasn't set.

Except in OMW it shows the certificate is granted and I have certificate local on the host.