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Policy Synchronization OMW 9

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Policy Synchronization OMW 9

We're running OMw 9 with Agent 11.  We've recently been having problems with policies not firing and decided to do an inventory of policies on our nodes.  Of 250 Windows nodes, 80 of those nodes were missing more than 20 policies. 


We haven't dug in yet to see exactly why that might have happened, but how do people deal with this?  Do people go through and do manual inventories of all their server on a regular basis?  Or do regular synchronization?  Even so, how do I trust that all of my policies are deployed?  Do I need to write my own system to manage and maintain policies on nodes?What are others' experiences in this area? 







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Re: Policy Synchronization OMW 9

Hello Dave,


The management server keeps an inventory of the policies and packages that are currently installed on the node. It is possible for this inventory to become inaccurate in the following situations:


  • After an administrator manually installs or removes the policies or packages on the node.
  • After an administrator or program disables or enables a policy locally on a node.
  • In an environment with multiple management servers, after a different management server changes the policies or packages on a node.
  • After an administrator removes a policy or package using the force option, but the policy or package remains on the node.



If you forecast one of these situations, you can synchronize manually the inventory. The management server replaces the current inventory with up-to-date details of installed policies and packages from the node. If a node has a policy or package that does not exist on the management server, the management server adds a placeholder to the inventory. The management server does not receive the contents of the policy or package, so you cannot change it or deploy it to other nodes.


To synchronize policies and packages go to the console tree, right-click the node or node group that you want to synchronize and click one of the following menu items:


  • All Tasks > Synchronize inventory > Packages
  • All Tasks > Synchronize inventory > Policies
  • All Tasks > Synchronize inventory > Policies and packages  



The management server creates a deployment job to retrieve the inventory from each node.


I hope this helps.





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