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OMW 9.0 Inventory Reporting Tool

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OMW 9.0 Inventory Reporting Tool


Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

OMW 9.0


Hello everyone,


In my current environment, we do not have a way to effectively generate reports to technology holders as to what nodes and policies are being monitored.


Technology holders (Citrix, Exchange, Active Directory, Networking teams, etc.) forget exactly what is being monitored on their Nodes, thus decreasing productivity and efficiency in the world of monitoring.  My team could be removing/updating/improving policies to increase system performance and reduce the number of false alerts.


The current Inventory Reporting tool in OMW 9.0 does give you the ability to generate a web report, but it gives an overview of the entire system.  This is definitely helpful, but with an environment of roughly 3,000+ Nodes, it can be a bit cumbersome.


  1. Is there a way to select certain Node group(s) and make this report much smaller, so that technology holders only see the Nodes they care about? (Individualized reports)
  2. Are there any prepackaged scripts, tools, or programs that come with OMW that may be helpful?
  3. Are there any 3rd party scripts, tools, or programs that may be helpful?
  4. What other methods have you had success with to accomplish this task?
  5. Has anyone generated their own reporting services and are you able to share any insight into this endeavor?

I recently joined the team a little over 3 months ago, so please feel free to ask any questions!


Note: The tool is found in Tools -> Reporting -> Inventory Reporting in the OMW environment.




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Re: OMW 9.0 Inventory Reporting Tool



For extended reporting capabilities please consider the usage of reporter which can be integrated with OMW.


Please refer to the following documentation for more information:


Which mentions that:


HP Software Product Integration

HP Reporter integrates with these HP Software products:


HP Performance Manager 9.X

HP Operations Agent 11.0 or 11.10

HP Performance Agent 5.0

HP Operations Manager for Windows 9.X

HP Operations Manager for UNIX 9.X

SPI DVD 2010


Added to the provide reports its possible to create your owns according to what is needed.


Hope this helps.


Thanks and Regards,

Carlos Pinto


HP Support


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