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OML -- Email Notification

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David Campeau
Honored Contributor

OML -- Email Notification



OML -- 9.10.240 on RHEL


I'm trying to put together a email notification when high bandwidth trap is recieved by NNM9i. However there is some confusion on how to set this up.


NNMi uses the condition "CustomPolledInstanceOutOfRange", and those events are recieved by OML and are processed correctly.


1.  So, I know which Source event I want to use to send the email when the alert is recieved.

2.  Under notification Services, a new service has been created.

       a.  Name=Bandwidth_Notification

       b. Call = /opt/OV/bin/OpC/extern_intf/

       c. Schedule = Monday through Sunday 00.00 to 23.59


3.  OML > Edit SNMP_Interceptor Policy "NNMi Management Events" > "CustomPollCritical", I have selected "Actions" and "Notifications" check box.


However, there is more than one Notification Service defined. Just by checking the box, how does OML know which Notification Service to run? There's nothing in the trap template to point "Notification" to. 


How do we define which service script to run?


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David Campeau
Honored Contributor

Re: OML -- Email Notification

It looks like notification either will or won't go out based on the shell script(s).


So, there may be multiple scripts ran, but the one that matches the conditions is actually run properly.


Will confirm with HP support on this.

Jeroen Peereboo

Re: OML -- Email Notification

when a message comes in where 'notification' is required, the time period of each notification schedule is checked. If the notification is active, the program (script) is executed. So you have to filter the messages in your script.


David Campeau
Honored Contributor

Re: OML -- Email Notification

Yes, in the script the filter has been set..... came to the conclusion last night before I fell asleep.... lol


Anyhow, the problem is solved. The reason why the script didn't run, to begin with, is because the policy has to be pushed to both NNM and OML. Yesterday the policy was only pushed to OML, so the script wouldn't run.


Operator error on my side.



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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event