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OM9 server with sudo on Linux

Jeroen Peereboo
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OM9 server with sudo on Linux



probably I am not allowed root-access anymore on *my* OM server when migrating from Solaris to Linux. I am not sure about the agent, but I expect troubles here too. Can the agent run as non-root on the management server while the server processes are running as root?


HP does not support running the management server as non-root. I have an Enhancement Request for that, but only filed it a week ago.

So I think I have to make an explicit list of commands for use with sudo.

Anyone having such a list? It is quite long, I assume.


Some of these commands are indirectly executed by OVO tools we wrote ourselves (for example to allow the customer to add / remove a node) using the Java GUI.


Anyone having hints on changing permissions of files and / or directories to be able to read / write logfiles and so on?

Of course, this is very tricky and I'd rather not change permissions of executables (which usually won't work).



J. Maestre
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Re: OM9 server with sudo on Linux

Just a guess here, but considering that both the OM server processes and the OM agent on the management server are controlled by ovcd (which will be running as root as it's a requirement for the OM server processes) I don't think you can set the agent to run as other non-root user.