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OM-BSM integration ETI issues

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OM-BSM integration ETI issues

Hi Expert,




I have integration between HPSiteScope,HPOM and two different BSM server as followed the steps according the document.


-> Sitescope event is coming to OM and -> From OM server the event is coming to the Both BSM server,


but the issue is on one BSM server Event type Indicator(ETI) is coming but in another BSM server ETI is showing blank for same event which is generated by Sitescope.



I have followed the same steps in both integration i.e.. BSM1 server and BSM2 server,


Please tell me where is that issue .


Please check the attachment for both BSM event details for your reference.


Thanks in advance,






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Re: OM-BSM integration ETI issues



In the BSM server where the ETI is not showing - the screenshot shows that even the "Source CI" is missing. Compare the "Resolver Hints" in both the BSM servers to see how they show the CI resolution is happening. I suspect that is where the two BSM servers are different as the second BSM server does not have the CI information. You can check if the CI is there in the second BSM server by checking the model as well.


Just as an FYI - the forum you have posted is for OM and BSM product has its own forum. The link is
This way your post will have more visibility to folks who use BSM and you may get better/faster answer.


Hope this helps.