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Monitor Oracle with DBSPI 006

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Monitor Oracle with DBSPI 006



OML with DBSPI 12.1

Node: WIndows 2008 with Oracle 11g.


I would like to monitor my Oracle DB with DBSPI 6 metrics and generate event for the metrics 6 for testing purpose.


But even after changing the threshold value of metric 6 in admin UI to 0.0 OR 99.9, I am unable to generate the event.


In Node the output always remains the same as shown below:

C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\instrumentation>dbspicao -vpm 6

Instance: 'ORCL' @ 'C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1'
ORCL 0006 0.00


My Oracle DB tablespace detials :

Tablespace                        Used MB    Free MB   Total MB  Pct. Free
------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
SYSAUX                                942         47        989          5
UNDOTBS1                              764          1        765          0
USERS                                   3          2          5         40
SYSTEM                                705          5        710          1
EXAMPLE                                77         23        100         23



I would like to generate the event for metrics 6 by changing the threshold. Please help.




Pat Campbell
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Re: Monitor Oracle with DBSPI 006

DBSPI-0006 alerts when the NUMBER of Tablespaces with low space is greater than the threshold.  The default threshold is .5, which results in an alert when there is one or more tablespaces with low space.  The DBSP Install and Configuration Guide explains  the calculations used to determine low tablespace.  This documentation should explain what the requirement is trigger the alert.


I would think that changing the threshold to 0.0 would force an alert.  You may try running the scheduled task that calls this monitor from the command line, preceeding the command with "sh -x" so you can see what is going on.


If you want to alert when individual tablespaces reach low space (identified by the number of available extents) you many want to look at DBSPI-0203.  Again, the Configuration Guide explains this monitor.



Suresh Reddy_1
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Re: Monitor Oracle with DBSPI 006

Long back I experienced this issue, Can you please run “dbspicao -vpm 6” with r2 (report option)


There should be other  column  created by including -r2 option with YES/NO option wherein if the value is YES for tables you should be able to test metric 6.