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Measurement Threshold Policy Properties

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Measurement Threshold Policy Properties



We are using OMW 9.0.


I checked all of the measurement threshold policies but i didn't see any duplicate message.Is it normal?


Fow example,i have a disk capacity monitor policy.And i want to take duplicate message when the critical alert came,every 5 minutes.Is it possible?

Because alert comes one time.And after a day it  acknowledges automatically.So  sometimes our customers  can't catch critical alerts.

I want to learn this detail.


Kind Regards


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Re: Measurement Threshold Policy Properties

Hello Ali ,


In order to get duplicate messages for Measurement Threshold policy you need to configure Continue Action.


Continue actions are carried out at each polling interval if the start action of the rule was carried out at a previous polling interval, and the reset value is not reached.


Open one Measurement Threshold policy > move to Rules tab > Select a rule for which you would like to get a duplicate message > click Modify button on the right hand side > new dialog window opens up ,move to Actions tab > Select again a rule for which you want to get duplicate message and click Modify button > new dialog window opens up ,move to Continue Actions tab > check “ Use the specified ‘Start Action’ ” >Save and redeploy the policy.


This way you will get a duplicate messages on each polling interval until the reset value is reached.


For more detailed information you may want also to take a look at OMW Online Help:


Please have a look at topic “Configure continue actions in measurement threshold policies” on page 747.


Best Regards ,


Dilyan Angelov

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Re: Measurement Threshold Policy Properties

Hello Dilyan,

Thank you very much for your help.I tried this solution and i found what i want.

Kind Regards,