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How to create a new user in DBSPI?

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How to create a new user in DBSPI?

My environment:\

OMW9 in windows 2008 r2 sp2

Node= windows 2008 r2 sp2 with Oracle 12c installed with single instance.


No other node is added to added to OM except the above mentioned one.


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Re: How to create a new user in DBSPI?



Refer to "Configuring the DB SPI after New Install and Upgrade" of DBSPI Install/Config Guide.

This topic contains pre-requisite for each RDBMS vendor that you are going to monitor. For example, for Oracle RDBMS , you can find information like what previleges needs to be given to the user. This user will be used in the dBSPI configuration for monitoring the database.

BTW, there is a tool to create Oracle User as well.


Refer to the document for more details which you can download from :

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