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How To: HPOM 8.35 Agent Upgrade from 8.60 to 11.00

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How To: HPOM 8.35 Agent Upgrade from 8.60 to 11.00

Hi all,


We are planing to upgrade the deploy package of our OMU (version 8.35) with running HP-UX 11.31.

As we still have some machine running with HPUX OS version 11.00, we are going to install the deploy package without HP-UX (keep the old version of deploy package "OV OVOUX8.X Agent HPUX 11 PA A.08.53 for HPUX").


I have checked the HP Operations agent installation guide version 11.00, on the page 27 it said:

You need not upgrade the agent running on the HPOM management server to the version
11.00 to be able to install and configure the HP Operations agent 11.00 on managed
nodes. Installing the deployment packages (Installing the HP Operations Agent
Deployment Packages on page 15) for the HP Operations agent 11.00 on the management
server enables you to install the agent on managed nodes from the HPOM console (Install
the HP Operations Agent from the HPOM Console on page 36).



So is that OK if I only install the deploy package (without HP-UX) and do not upgrade the agent on our OMU? Anyone has experience on that? Thank you for your attention.