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HP OM receiving SNMP

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HP OM receiving SNMP


I  have:

1) OMW Version 9.0, on the Win2008 r2.

2)server on Win serv 2008 r2 (name- One)


Server One - install agent v.11


I need: 


server generates SNMP. Each SNMP trap is assigned its value?
How can I configure the HP OM for receiving SNMP.




P:S: Sorry for my English

HPE Expert

Re: HP OM receiving SNMP

Hello Melkii,


From your post I understood that your Windows server called "One" sends traps to the OMW management server.

If this server "One" has its Operations Agent installed and traps arrive there, you can build a "SNMP Trap Interceptor" policy on your OMW console by setting up the necessary rules to match the incoming trap and then you can deploy this policy to your server "One". If the policy is correct, it should send a message to your OMW server.

If otherwise this server "One" sends trap directly to the OMW server, you will have to do the same but this time the "SNMP Trap Interceptor" policy has to be deployed on your OMW server.


Check also the following online help sections:


  • Configure SNMP conditions
  • Monitor SNMP devices
  • SNMP Interceptor Policies
  • Configure actions in SNMP interceptor policies
  • Configure SNMP interceptor policy options
  • Configure message defaults in SNMP interceptor policies 



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Re: HP OM receiving SNMP


Thanks fo reply!


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event